Getting it out there

While having the expertise, the knowledge and the determination to create the course, we all know that’s not enough.

You want people to take your course and you want to show that your learning works.
But that won’t happen on its own, you need to show the world your learning. And that’s where mylearningworx really…well worx.

We’ve already got thousands signed up as eager learners (registered users in the official jargon) and more are joining them literally every day. And with such an energetic user base mylearningworx already has a huge reach.

We love those who create learning as well as those who want to learn. And one of the key aims of mylearningworx is to make finding the learning as straightforward as creating the learning.

So all the learning content is well-presented through simple categories that is easily to search.

Which means your learning – whether it’s paid for or free – is delivered quickly and easily to individuals or large groups.

And then the learning can really begin…

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